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 Life is a chance.

Time is key ladies, when you love someone and they’ve broken you heart, you must know when it is time to let go. As hard as this may sound, strength, courage and knowledge is gathered from a broken heart. No one promised that love would last forever, nor that it wouldn’t, it’s just a chance. Life is a chance. Love yourself and hope all is well, not only for you, but for that person as well. Never let bad feelings or experience change the person you are. No one wants to see a wounded person, so understand that you need time to heal internally. There is no set time on when this will happen, but just let it take it’s course.

When the time is right, and you feel like you are ready to love again, don’t look for it, let it find you. It’s not about getting over a person, it’s about feeling good about yourself. It’s about knowing that you are the most important and you need to be happy. When you accept yourself as you are and you love yourself for who you are then you will find that back. Never settle for anything less then what you desire and deserve. Love is all about timing, make yourself the best person you can be both mentally and physically. Once you heal, you will no longer waste your time on men who do not see you for who you are. You will see yourself as a beautiful women that has so much to offer the right man.

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 Forehead Kiss

I heard that kisses on the forehead means something, like has that special meaning and this is what I found from a guy’s point of view:


It means that you’re the most important person for him, that you are part of his happiness. It means that God only knows the way he feels about you. That he has always loved you, that he loves you and that he will always love you. That he will always be there for you no matter what you say or do. That he will always forgive you.

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 Where to find you?

The greatest feeling in the world is to be around someone who wants to hold you, wants to kiss your forehead, wants to be around you, wants to call you at night, wants to see you smile. But i think whats better than that, is finding someone that does it all, because he wants to see you happy. I want to find the guy who can make me smile, just by the way he says hello when he picks up the phone. The guy who makes my hands shake when im sitting next to him and the guy who isn’t afraid to keep hugging me, when im not really ready to let go.

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That pain you feel: that’s life. The confusion and fear: that’s there to remind you that somewhere out there is something better and that is worth fighting for.

The things about life that I’ve learned is that you’re going to get hurt. You’re going to have emotional nights and cry yourself to sleep for hours. You’re going to suffer some kind of heartbreak, some kind of loss. But you will also have those moments where you heal. Those moments are the best. You feel like you smile for the first time again. You feel like you’re alive again. Life just kinda restarts.

So smile, laugh, forgive, believe, and love, all over again.

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 I wish I had someone.

I wonder what it’s like to have someone you can depend on. I’m jealous of those that have that someone in their life. Whether it be a best friend or a girlfriend or a parent. I wonder what it’s like to not be judged all the time for my actions and words, or how it feels to know that someone somewhere out there has your back, even if you’re wrong. I want someone I can tell everything to; someone who knows my Starbucks order by heart, knows the difference between a genuine smile and the one I always use to hide what I’m feeling. I want someone who can tell when I’m lying, and someone that I can depend on for small favors and whatnot. I’d want someone who would drop everything to help me when I needed them most; who wouldn’t take no for an answer if I was stubborn. But above all, I wish I had someone who had the audacity to stay in my life no matter the obstacles I threw at them; someone who for the first time, had the strength to be someone in my life.
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Come on .. All she wants is for you to try. To just be there for her whenever she needs you most.
To start her mornings with cute messages that had been sent while she was asleep. & to end every night to the sound to your voice as “i love yous’” roll off your tongue. Those days and nights where you guys spend hours doing completely nothing but cuddling.
Her heart doesn’t have a value or price on it. But it does have rules and expectations you need to go by. She expects you to love her. She wants you to make her your number one priority. She wants you give her respect and to be loyal within the relationship. Shes your girl, and dont take her for granted, because im sure guys that know they can treat her better are waiting in line. Enough with the games and enough with the fake spit. Don’t give her a hard time for something you have done. Don’t push her away just because you know that you can, One day shes going to get sick of everything and stop chasing.

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 Treat her like a princess.

Guys, If she gives you her heart and is responsible for your smile, then don’t take her for granted and appreciate her. Appreciate the love she shows toward you and the things she does for you no matter how small, whether it’s a good morning text or a simple “How is your day going”. She cares about you so show her the same care in return you know?, Say thank you and be genuine towards her too. She knows that she isn’t perfect either, but know she is trying her best to be so that’s all that should matter to you. If she is putting effort into the relationship then do the same for her because a successful relationship takes the effort of two people who love each other deeply. Be responsible with her heart, feelings, and smile. Love and adore her, Assure her that you love her with all your heart and that you will be there for her through the good and bad times of the relationship. She’s obviously someone special to you so respect her because she deserves it and she is your everything, your world. Treat her like a princess.
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 I hope you're the one.

I wanna have one of those relationships where I know he/she is the one.

There are many relationships where we just go into without thinking that they might be the one. For once, I want to go into a relationship and just realize that they just might be the one. I don’t want to get hurt, nor do I want to be in a position where I’m willing to get myself hurt by having a relationship in which I know won’t work. Instead, I just want a relationship where I’ll know that they’re the one & just be with them forever.

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I'mma blog using tagalog. Sorry for those who cannot understand this post.
Medyo di ko naa-update tong blog ko, before kasi halos araw-araw yata eh may post ako kahit na wala naman nagbabasa or nagcocomment sa posts ko. haha!
Lagi naman akong online. Busy sa pagbabasa ng stories online, parang ung sa mga pocket books. Love stories yung pinagpupuyatan ko, oo pinagpupuyatan ko talaga.
Madalas nga 2AM na ko natutulog kakabasa, syempre kasama na dun ung pagpeFACEBOOK ko.

Sa mga nabasa ko, medyo natatauhan ako. Pero may time din na umaasa ako na sana tulad na lang ng mga ganung story ung love life ko.
Na pwede din akong magustuhan ng taong gusto ko. Pero ang labo naman nun. Ilang ulit na kasi nya nasabi sakin na hindi nya kayang suklian yung pagmamahal na binibigay ko sakanya.
Umabot pa nga dati sa point na akala ng mga tao sa school boyfriend ko sya, effort din kasi sya minsan.
I mean may mga oras na sya ung nag-eeffort para magkita kami. Feeling ko tuloy dati gusto din nya ko.
Sorry naman, feelingera lang. Tapos ayun, After kong makagraduate, never na ulit kaming nagkita. Minsan nakakausap ko sya sa facebook pero madalas pinipili ko na lang na di sya pansinin.
Dati kasi tuwing nakkita kong online sya, nagchachat agad ako sakanya, pero ngayon hindi na. Mas lalo ko lang kasing sasaktan yung sarili ko kapag nagpatuloy pa kong makipag-usap sakanya.
Siguro hindi nyo ko naiintindihan, minsan tinatanong ko na din ung sarili ko kung bakit hindi ko sya mabitaw bitawan kahit na hindi naman naging kami so wala akong karapatan para sabihin na MAG MOVE-ON ka na kasi.
Parang di lang bagay sakin yung salitang yun. Mas bagay siguro yung salitang, "TUMIGIL KA NA SA PAG-IILUSYON MONG MAPAPANSIN KA NYA". Kasi never naman talaga mangyayari yun, lalo na ngayon na may girlfriend na yata sya.
So ayun nga, nakaHIDE na lahat ng post nya sa news feed ko sa facebook. Maigi na din siguro yung ganun kasi lagi akong affected sa mga post nya dati kahit naman alam kong copy/paste lang yung mga banat na pinopost nya as status message.

Kagabi kausap ko sa twitter ung friend ko na nakilala ko lang dahil sakanya, taga Adamson sya. Tapos sabi nya sakin na iblock ko daw ung lalaking yun sa lahat ng social networks na meron kaming connection. Sabi ko naman sakanya, parang ang bitter naman nun. Then nabanggit ko yung bout sa nakaHIDE na.
Okay daw yun, tulungan ko daw ung sarili ko para makalimutan ko sya.
Di ako agad nakatulog kagabi kakaisip tungkol dun. Affected pa rin ako kapag sya ung pinag-uusapan. Nasabi ko sa sarili ko, di pa pala talaga ko nakakalimot. All this time, niloloko ko lang pala yung sarili ko kapag sinasabi kong wala na kong pakialam sa kanya.

Alam ko na tingin nyo nakakaawa ako. OO, naaawa din ako sa sarili ko kung bakit ganito ung nararamdaman ko.
Naiinis na ko, bakit kahit lagi akong nasasaktan eh tuloy pa din ako sa pagmamahal sa kanya, eh di naman naging kami kaya madali lang na kalimutan sya.
Pero hindi ko magawa. BAKIT? :( Siguro nasanay lang din ako na andyan sa para sakin.

Sana nadidiktahan yung puso. Na isang sabi mo lang na "Tumigil ka na. Wag ka ng tumibok para sa lalaking yan." Pero hindi eh. Never matuturuan ang puso.
Alam ko ang tanga tanga ko pagdating sa ganito. Pero ngayon ko lang to naramdaman, ngayon lang ako nagmahal ng ganito. Yung gusto ko sya na, gusto ko forever sya lang.
Pero sya, iba yung gusto nya. Minsan nagtatanong ako kung bakit pa tayo pinagtatagpo ng tadhana kung hindi naman sila para satin.
Para saktan tayo? Para turuan tayo ng lesson? Ewan ko. Pero sana, hindi na lang sila binibigay or pinapakilala satin para di tayo nasasaktan. Sana lahat ng bagay na nangyayari eh para sa ikaliligaya natin at yung pang matagalan na.

Kung pwede lang talaga bumalik sa nakaraan ginawa ko na.
Sana hindi ko na lang sya nakilala. Ang bitter at unfair sa kanya pero masakit kasi talaga. Gets nyo?

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