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 I miss you and I hate it.

I miss the feeling of having someone.
I miss talking to someone the whole day and night.
I miss the feeling that you get when you start to develop a crush.
I miss the butterflies that flutter around inside your stomach when you have to meet up with him.
I miss the excitement of receiving a cute text and smiling like an idiot.

But all this can be gone within a second.
Waking up in the morning expecting a day like the ones prior but ending up crying yourself to sleep over a boy who took it all and smashed it to pieces.

I hate how you can just have everything and have it be all gone right before your eyes.
I hate how a boy can just play you all the way to the ground.
I hate how you remember the past and sadness over whelms you.

But what I hate the most is the loneliness you feel months later that have nothing to do with the boy but has everything to do with the memories of joy that you once felt.

"I miss you and I hate it." was Posted On: Friday, July 01, 2011 @12:01 PM | 6 lovely comments

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