Another Cinderella Story
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Late night, I ran to escape the loneliness without knowing where to go. I found a place where i can pour my feelings out. I’m crying silently when someone sits beside me. I didn’t look at him because I don’t want him to see my teary eyes.

He broke the silence between us, “You know miss? You can cry on me. You can tell me your problem. We both don’t know each other anyway”. I cried knowing there’s still someone who cares for me. “Its okay if you don’t want to, I’ll just sit here to accompany you” he added. ”I’m so tired being an outcast,” I finally utter those words, “They just notice me when they need me, they dont care about me. They hate me”. A very comforting arms from anonymous person made my feelings light. “If they hate you, and the whole world will hate you, just remember this person who’s with you tonight, will never be tired to care about you”. After a while, “I have to go, go home too. It would be dangerous for you if you stay here at this time”, he took my hand and put a folded piece of paper then left. When he’s already far, I open the folded paper and read.

’ Don’t bother them. Its just them. The important is you, and there’s still me who will comfort you whenever you need to. Nice to meet you, even if i haven’t seen your face. ’


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