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 Missing Someone

You know you miss someone when you feel like everything seems dull and incomplete without that person around.
When you look around you, everything you see reminds you of that person, when her/his favorite music plays, you start feeling lonely…
when you are eating something he/she likes, you start wishing that person is there to share it with, or when you walk the same path you used to walk on together, you find yourself wishing she/he was there walking with you, talking, laughing, having a light yet fun conversation….
whenever you talk to him or her, you wish that moment could last forever, you hate having to go and saying goodbye and you always look forward to seeing and talking to that person again. when you are talking on the phone… her/his voice is still playing inside your head even after you hang-up the phone…
…or sometimes, you simply find yourself smiling for no reason when you think about that person….

sometimes, somebody is just right there in front of you or beside you, and yet you miss him or her. That happens when things have changed between you and that someone, and you wish things were the same as they used to…
you look at the person and you start having that “too near yet too far” feeling…

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