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 Is that too much to ask for?

I always ask myself if I will ever meet the right one.

I tend to always meet people. Whether it be at a party or with my friends there’s always someone that just catches my eye. But I’ve never met anyone who stands out from the rest, someone who won’t just catch my eye, but catch me. I need someone who won’t only meet to my standards but to be able to meet me wherever I may go. I want to be able to have someone with me by my side and know that they won’t ever leave no matter how bad things may get to us. I guess you can say it takes a pretty big risk to let myself fall for someone, because you never know how people are these days. One day they could be your everything and the next day could just be memories. No one ever really knows how relationships work nor how long they may last. No relationship is ever made to last unless you and your significant other make it last. If you two are willing to do everything so that the two of you stay together then you will surpass the many obstacles that relationships have.

I’m tired of being single but I’m also tired of being hurt. I’m not asking for love I’m asking for someone who I can be happy with and trust. Is that too much to ask for?
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