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 Being in a relationship.

It’s not about the labels or becoming official. It’s about getting to know someone well enough to develop genuine feelings for them. It’s about being understanding and forgiving when situations are at their worst. It’s about loving someone, not for what they have to offer but who they are. It’s never about blaming your significant other for not treating you like how you want to be treated, it’s about how hard they try to keep you around.

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As I observe my daily routine, something strikes my mind. I’m lucky, lucky to be blessed, lucky to have a home, friends, and family but I get up every morning and go to bed every night with this feeling that something is missing, but I don’t know what and I don’t know why. All I know, is that this emptiness is just killing me and I can’t do anything; not even cry.

Each day, I ask God to mould me into a godly woman for when the time is right, an amazing, Jesus-loving man will walk into my life, or, he might already be in it but when the time is right, we will make that decision to spend the rest of our lives together, loving God. I’m praying for his heart everyday and I’m praying for his soul because he will be mine, and I will be his and we both will live to honour God together.

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 Teenage love.
Parents always tell us not to focus on relationships because they aren’t important at our age and we should wait until we’re done with school to find someone, right now it’ll only distract you.
But by that time comes, we aren’t young anymore. I think the best part about being young and in love is how deeply we feel. When you find someone you really like, you get really excited and jittery just to hear their voice.
That moment where your heart stops when you finally have the guts to tell them you like them. You think about their every feature and every moment you spend together and it just makes you feel happy inside. That first kiss is like nothing you could ever explain, it’s too good to be true. But teenage love is like a roller coaster. It’s cliche but so true at the same time. You fight and scream and yell.
You’re whole body just feels weak, with your heart hanging heavily. You fall asleep crying, thinking that nothing could be worse, feeling like you’ve hit rock bottom.
Like I said before, we feel everything so deeply, even the pain. We let ourselves get hurt because we never knew how hard we would fall. We were so ignorant of the consequences. Yet you should be thankful to have the ability to feel that hurt, that you found someone that could actually make you feel that way. For some people its too late… because in those years that we have, where we laugh and cry, we learn to love and be strong. Some of us built these walls up because they learned too early how to be strong. Don’t take these years for granted because you will never get them back and there’s a possibility you may never feel the same again.

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 Dear Mom,

Sorry if sometimes I'm disobeying you. Sorry if I'm not a perfect child and sometimes i lied to you. Sorry if I've shouted at you, or sometimes in the back of my head I almost wanted you to be gone when you yell at me and scold at me.
Sorry if I'm hardheaded. Sorry if sometimes I'm lazy, that I don't do chores at home. Sorry for everything I did wrong.

But I thank you for making me live in this planet, cause with out you I'm not here.
Thank you for feeding me, taking care of me, sheltering me and loving me. Thank you for giving me the best things in life even it's hard. Thank you for teaching me the right things and manners. Thank you mom.

Don't worry, i'll take care of you too when you're old. :)) hihih .. And the things that you taught me, i'll always keep it in my brain cause I know, you don't want me to be at worst. I am guilty for all. You're very important to me like a pearl that i really treasure. I'm not real sure what will happen to me when you're gone.

Happy Mother's Day!

PS. I'll make you proud, soon!

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It’s amazing how memories could just come and go.
We’ll forget about what happened in the past for a while, and one day, it could suddenly just hit us all at once.
And we’re there breaking down because we begin to remember all the things we did, the feelings that we had, the smiles that we gave, and the laughs that we shared.
Everything that made us happy… is all just a memory.
Looking back sucks, but then again, it just reminds us how strong we are to have gotten through what we went through. They are what made us who we are.

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