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 What does a “Relationship” mean to me?
It means being committed, by being committed I mean not giving up when the relationship doesn’t go as you planned it to be because you understand that relationships aren’t perfect and you realize that you’re boyfriend or girlfriend is going to mess up here and there, but even through the mistakes you still can love that person with all your heart because to you they mean more then any argument or difference. In a relationship you have to be faithful, no lies and no cheating because the person you’re with is someone that is special to you, that person is the only one that has your heart, that person is the one that makes you happy, they see your flaws and know your mistakes but still love you for who you are. A relationship isn’t about the “Sex” or the “Materialistic Things” , It’s about finding someone who you can be yourself with, it’s finding someone who accepts you for who you are even through your imperfections and mistakes, It’s being with someone who can make you smile on your worst of days with the most simplest of gestures. Most of all it’s not the looks that matter, It’s the personality because that determines who you are, It’s what stays with you as life goes on while your looks may fade. 
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