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 Iba't ibang uri ng mga SINGLE.
1. No boyfriend/girlfriend since birth = Eto yung ayaw pang makipag relasyon dahil sguro may iba silang priority. Minsan masunurin lang sa mga magulang na ayaw pa silang payagan na pumasok sa isang relationship. Yung iba naman may required age para sa ganyan. Kunyare, sa 18 pa siya mag bbf/ggf. Parang ganun.

2. Takot na masaktan = Eto yung mga nasaktan ng sobra sobra sa past relationship nila. Kase parang ang point of view nila e, pare parehas lang ang magiging ending ng relationship nila. Naramdaman na kase nila kung gano kasakit ang masaktan, kaya ayaw na nilang sumugal pa ulit.

3. Nagpapahinga/Nagpapagaling ng sugat sa puso = Eto yung mga nagmmove on palang. Mga taong gusto munang makalimot. Para kapag nakipag relasyon na uli sila, kayang kaya uli nilang ibigay yung kaya nila para sa taong nagmamahal sakanila.

4. Sumusunod sa 3-month rule = Mga taong nag aantay muna ng 3 months bago makipag relasyon uli.

5. Nag-eenjoy sa mga manliligaw = Eto yung mga babaeng kinikilatis muna yung mga manliligaw nila. Kumbaga pinpahirapan muna nila bago sagutin.

6. Pag-aaral ang inuuna = Yung mga taong concentrate muna sa pag-aaral nila. Kase para sknila, sagabal lang yung pag-ibig. Gusto muna nilang magtapos bago unahin yung makikipag relasyon.

7. Nag-aantay sa kanilang soulmate/destiny = Yung mga taong nag-aantay sa tamang panahon, oras at pagkakataon. Naghihintay muna sila para makita yung THE RIGHT ONE.

8. Mga mag-M.U = Yung tipong more than friends but less than lovers. Minsan yung ganto, MALABONG USAPAN TALAGA! Kaya ayan, ang ending SINGLE parin.

9. Yung mga nag-eenjoy lang sa fling = Yung tipong kuntento muna sa flings. Sa infatuation. Sa crush. Kase feeling nila mas walang problema kung ganto lang. Libre pa!

10. Wapakels = Yung walang paki elam sa estado ng buhay pag ibig nila. Basta yun na yun!

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 Do your best during the relationship not after it.
If you really love someone don’t hesitate to show it. There are many ways to show how you really feel for someone. It’s not about the hugs and the kisses. It’s how you understand your imperfections and how you listen when he/she needs you. It’s how you appreciate his/her efforts, little or big. Always show your love as long as you’re together. Because when he/she is gone, you have nothing to do but miss they way your love used to be.

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Sometimes, hugs are much better than apologies.

You cannot easily erase the pain by saying “sorry”. Do your move. Make her feel that you’re sincerely open to take chances just to give her happiness. When she is wrapped in your arms while you’re kissing her hair, she feels important. For her, it is a sign of love from you. Every girl deserves to feel the way they want to be loved. Likewise, if you did something reckless and made her cry, just do things to make her smile.

All your effort will not be wasted as long as you’re willing to do it. Give your best as much as you say “sorry” a million times. Sometimes, apologies are not enough. Girls want to see that you are worth for second chances. Then, all you gotta do is prove it.

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 Pay attention to how she feels.
When a girl does something, don’t think she’s doing it for no reason. If she’s hurting or if she’s crying, then don’t just brush it off as if it’s nothing to you because I promise you that there is reason to why she is acting the way she is, maybe she wants you to be there for her or maybe she’s going through some things.
Take the time to listen to her, find out and understand what is making her sad or what is making her mad, you know? Then work to resolve the issue, don’t walk away from her because when you do, it makes her feel like she’s not even worth your time and you may not see it, but it hurts her when you treat her problems like they are nothing to you.
She needs you to be there for her, not anyone else, so do just that and be the one that is there to comfort her. take the time to listen and understand, that’s all she’s really asking for.
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