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 Kari's Giveaway
I stopped blogging for some reasons but for the sake of Kari's giveaway, I'm giving this a shot. And of course, I want to win. Really!

Click HERE for her giveaway details.

I'm Kari's silent reader ever since she was MOCHAPPES, that explains my theme here which she created and posted in blogskins.

I'm a fan of her style, I envy her stuffs because it's so kawaii. Her clothes are so amazing that I want to look like her, I mean I want to dress up like her but unfortunately I can't afford to buy those kinds of clothes she have. And I love her HAIR so much!!!!

I want to win this so bad so that I can have those stuffs she'll be giving, plus it's from KARI omg! That would be soooo amazing!!

Check out her blog, follow her too. I'm sure you'll love her like I do. Click HERE.

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 She’s just waiting.
She’s tired of guys messing with her emotions, she’s tired of opening up and getting hurt time and times again. She just wants someone to love her for who she is, she wants someone to be there for her when she needs a shoulder to lean on when she’s feeling down, she wants a guy who will put up with her mood swings because sure she may get mad or sad, truthfully she just wants to know that you will be there for her through the bad and good points of the relationship. She wants something that is long lasting and real, she wants a relationship for the long run, not a guy who’s in the relationship to“Use her”, “Hit it and quit it”. She’s willing to put her all into the relationship, but now she’s just waiting for the right guy to show her that “True love” does truly exist. She’s waiting for that one guy who will treat her right and respect her choices, the guy who will accept her for her flaws and her past regardless of what they may be. Honestly, she’s just waiting..
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 Things that the Cybercrime Act should cover:
1. Vanity shots. Bawal mag-upload ng 3 albums worth of photos na puro fez mo lang! Feel kitang i-report! Nag-headband lang 75 photos agad dapat..

2. After-jerjer cuddling photos. Wag mag-upload ng pics nyo ng jowa mo kung saan obvious na wala kayong saplot! Hindi handa ang sambayanan sa bedsheets niyong madumi. Sumulat kayo kay Xerex at magtanong kung kelan sya magkakaroon ng website.

3. Mga mahilig makipag-away in English na karumal-dumal ang grammar.. "i'm can never jealous of a slut like you..your such a trying hard!!"

4. TMI (Too Much Information) Attack - "ang lakas ng regla ko today..", "haizt maghapon akong nagtatae sakit na ng pwet ko.."

5. Emo 24/7 - "guys ang sakit may mahal na siyang iba..", "fb friends gusto ko na mamatay..", "haizz miss ko na siya pero di ko sasabihin kung sino", "guys umiiyak ako ngayon (insert photo)"

6. EoWH pFouH kUyAh uzTah pFouH jAn jEjEjE aCoh pFouh aUz aMan wAzuP pFouH NuH pFouH 3p nYoh JAn tAwA muCh jEjEjE


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 Real Love.
“Real love doesn’t care about body type, looks, or wallet size, It’s more determined by what’s inside.”

This phrase is what I believe in, the love that two people share goes beyond what is materialistic or what the society deems “Beautiful” because in the eyes of the one that loves you, you are truly beautiful and you are perfect just the way you are so they wouldn’t want to change a thing about you, you know? When you love someone you love them because they can make you feel like no other can, they can make you smile with just a simple “Hello”, they can make you happy on your worst of days and most of all they are the one that is always there for you when you need them the most. A relationship is based on getting to know the person for who they are, what they think or believe in, and what makes them the way they are, It’s these things that you learn about them that make you fall for them, although maybe looks may play it’s part, but in the end an  “Interesting Personality” keeps the person staying and wanting more. With that being said get to know a person and love them for who they are, not for what they look like because remember looks fade, but personality is what sticks with you your whole life.
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