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 time runs so fast .
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November to March (saddest month I think)
I only have 4months left to stay in my University .
It would be my last semester and hopefully , i'll pass and graduate . yay !
Wish me luck .

Half of me wants to go to school already and the other half wants to make time goes slower a little bit more .

I'll surely miss the times with my friends, times when me and my seatmate doodle while the professor starts his/her lecture, taking stolen pictures, painting our nails, watching movies, do-some-boy-catching during our vacant period and all those weird things that we do together . *sob*

I'll miss everyone especially him .
I know that when I graduate , i'll probably won't see him again .
That's the saddest part I thought that might happen so as much as I want to
go back to school already , I DON'T WANNA GO anymore ..
I feel depressed and I want to cry. :(

I know we have ALL-THE-TIME in the world if we want to see each other ,
but I'm scared because I know him so well .
I mean , he's that "busy type of guy" .. or he'd rather sleep than go out during his free time .
I only saw him a couple of times from April upto now .
And I don't know what would happen when time comes that I'll have to say goodbye to the only thing that makes way for me to see him .

He's the only reason why I wanted to be in school everyday .
He's the guy that gave color to my College life .
He's the one I loved more than anything else in this world . -right now-
And now , I'm scared to go back .. :((


"time runs so fast ." was Posted On: Thursday, October 14, 2010 @5:32 PM | 10 lovely comments

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