Another Cinderella Story
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Things changed . People changed . Feelings changed .
You know what , I don't get the idea why people change - FAST .
Is it for the better or for the worse ?

Maybe I believed in him and put to my mind the idea that he'll never change at all .
That he'll stay the same and will never hurt my feelings .
Well I guess , I was wrong to believe all the things he said and all the promises he made .


Do you ever get the feeling we're you don't know that person anymore or seems like he never know you at all ?
It's like you're a stranger when he saw you .
You don't know if you're going to say hi or not because you're afraid that maybe he'll never give a single thought back to you .
I felt like I'm a dying star and leaving the sky EMPTY . :(

You know what hurts the most ?
The memories that flashes back everytime you saw him .
The memories that you know will never happen again .
The memories that slowly turns to a bitter past .

All I want is an answer WHY he changed .
But I'm afraid to know what he'll say because I'm sure it'll break my heart into pieces .
I don't what to hurt my feelings anymore and I'm tired .
I don't want to hold on anymore because I don't have anymore reason to stay at all .


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