Another Cinderella Story
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 He made her life miserable.

The girl who used to laugh a million times back then, turned out to be the girl who’ll never even wear a smile on her face. She’d rather have those gloomy looks rather than fake a smile. The girl who used to look forward each day turned out to be the girl who never even want to see another morning shine. She’d rather lay in the bed, cry hysterically until she fall asleep. The girl who used to make some noise turned out to be the girl who never want to utter a single word. She’d rather stay in the corner, put her headphones on and tuned the speaker up rather than to talk with the other girls out there. The girl who used to live life optimistically turned out to be a total pessimist. She’d rather hide with her own shadows rather than to express what she really feels. She’s a total stranger now. She lives life in vain as if she never even seen the vast of light. She lives in a total void of darkness. She doesn’t know herself anymore. It was all because of that single guy. That guy who doesn’t know how to respect and to treat girls right. He made her life miserable.
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