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 "You said no flowers" :)

Guys, sometimes a girl just wants you to do cute things for her. She never says it, but she secretly hopes that you’re the kind of guy that likes to show the effort in a relationship. Bring her flowers, as cliche as they may be. She’ll still appreciate them (and her mom will love you), and you’ll just be that much more special in her eyes. If she’s allergic to flowers, bring her some carrots. She’ll love you that much more because you care about her eyesight, am I right? (; But seriously, bake her cupcakes, get down on one knee.. and tie her shoe. Blindfold her and take her to the mountains above the city, but bring extra blankets. Look, a girl just wants to feel special. No matter how cliche or small you do it, she’ll appreciate the effort, I promise.
""You said no flowers" :)" was Posted On: Friday, October 07, 2011 @1:46 PM | 1 lovely comments

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