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 Surprise Hugs

I like it when a guy goes out of his way to run and surprise you, to give you a hug. The feeling of being surprised, but knowing you’re safe in that persons arms. The feeling of their arms suddenly wrapping them around you, holding you tightly to give you hug. The moment when you giggle and smile together because you’re just so happy to see that person —because well you didn’t expect them to be there, at that moment, in time. It’s little things like a surprise hug from behind that gives a girl butterflies, leaves her smiling for hours, or keeps her blushing. It’s the feeling of knowing that in a crowd of hundreds, you spotted her, and ran to her like there was no tomorrow.
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 Sleeping Together.

“The True Meaning of Sleeping Together”

Nothing dirty. Nothing Naughty. Just sleeping. It’s just sleeping with that someone and knowing that they’re in your arms and you’re in theirs. They want to feel close to you. They want to know they are the closest to your heart. They want to hear you breathe when you fall asleep as they sleep next to you. As you fall asleep, you want to cuddle with that someone and just the hold them close. It’s that moment where you don’t want to let go and that moment where you don’t want them to forget that this is a special moment.

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 Hold hands.

As relationships progress, we sometimes begin to take others for granted. We simply get lazy, especially with our loved ones. Remember that holding hands, touching each other, it makes them feel loved and cared for, it gives them the security that they need from you. We all have a certain touch hunger, the need to touch and be touched, whether we are aware of it or not. Take advantage of quiet moments when it’s just you two and show affection to one another. Hold hands in a movie, while cuddling, while talking or while walking down the street. Never forget the little things that matter the most. If you are in a loving relationship, make a concerted effort to touch. Touch their hand, their mind, their heart and their soul.
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One of my favorite Korean actress and actor - Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa. Played Gyu Won and Lee Shin in this Epic drama “Heartstrings”. I believed that this is the Sequel of the “You’re Beautiful”. The unfinished Love story of Mi Nam and Shin Woo. I know on You’re Beautiful, their love story are not meant for them. But not for this one. Their Love Story must have a second chance. So that’s why this drama “Heartstrings” are made.

Since they had paired in You’re Beautiful the chemistry of them is quite easy and every part of it is Romantic and even the viewers are being able to moved the way they act and especially their emotions.

In You’re Beautiful their love story wasn’t that meant for both of them. Full of sacrifice, twist and turn and a blur. But it is over.

Their Love is meant to have Second Chance! So this is it. And in the end of it was Perfect! They didn’t disappoint the viewers and the fans. I will surely miss all of them and of course the Lee Gyu Won-Lee Shin tandem and their quarrel and Love-Drama-Comedy-Romantic scenes!

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 "You said no flowers" :)

Guys, sometimes a girl just wants you to do cute things for her. She never says it, but she secretly hopes that you’re the kind of guy that likes to show the effort in a relationship. Bring her flowers, as cliche as they may be. She’ll still appreciate them (and her mom will love you), and you’ll just be that much more special in her eyes. If she’s allergic to flowers, bring her some carrots. She’ll love you that much more because you care about her eyesight, am I right? (; But seriously, bake her cupcakes, get down on one knee.. and tie her shoe. Blindfold her and take her to the mountains above the city, but bring extra blankets. Look, a girl just wants to feel special. No matter how cliche or small you do it, she’ll appreciate the effort, I promise.
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 Sing to me.

I don’t care whether your voice is hard to hear or outstanding. Just sing to me, I’ll listen. Your voice is my melody, & every time I hear a beat my heart skips to another rate. If you can’t express by telling me how you feel, then turn words into music. Drop words, let music speak. You don’t have to have a perfect voice, you don’t have to try your best to impress me by buying me tons of stuff or even take me out to a fancy dinner. All I need is your voice, your heart, & your undivided attention. Make me feel as if I’m living a dream, hearing your voice, feeling your melody, hearing all the words put into a song coming from your heart. That’s what I call music.

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