Another Cinderella Story
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Have you ever ran into an ex?

You both are walking towards each other. Each step you take is one step into your past, the memories you guys had replays in your head, the butterflies in your stomach becomes active. You try your best to look your best and act like you’re doing so good without them. Your heart is skipping beats, your breathe becomes uneven, you want to turn in the other direction and get away from all these emotions. But it’s too late, he/she already sees you.. You try to avoid eye contact by pretending to text, you giggle a little while staring at your phone. When that moment finally comes, you guys are shoulder to shoulder next to one another, either of you says a thing. As he/she passes by, you smell their once familiar scent. When this is all over with, you realize it was the biggest mistake to let them walk out of your life. You turn back hoping for them to do the same, but only to find out they’re already gone.


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