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 Sometimes, I just need to be alone.
It doesn’t mean something’s wrong, or I’m mad, or anything for that matter. Don’t assume something’s wrong, because I just need to think. I need time for myself every once in a while, y’know? I need time to think for myself, & make decisions I don’t want anybody influencing. When I’m alone, it’s usually because I need to think about everything that’s going on in my life. It’s a way for me to relax, & settle to the changes that might be happening. So please, just leave me alone.
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 Girls love surprises.
No matter how little or big that surprise is. We just love it. It makes our heart weak to receive an unexpected gift from the guy we love. We love it when you show crazy efforts for us. We love it when you do things just to show you love us. It’s a plus factor when guys do simple things that can make a girl smile in an instant.


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 then you just hurt me again.
honestly, i can’t even understand this inevitable feelings of mine. i can’t comprehend why my heart chooses to love you despite all the pain and hurt that you brought me. i don’t get why my brain can’t stop thinking and setting itself that you are really the one for me. i don’t get how i can still tolerate this pain and still keep on loving you. and most of all, i can’t seem to fully understand my senses from growing fonder, and fonder until i totally miss you and fall for you all over again.
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 Thank you for teaching me.

You’ve taught me and showed me many things. You’ve taught me I can love, that people can care about me. Or so I thought, you showed me the feeling of being in someone’s arms when they mean the world to you. The feeling of compassion. So many wonderful things. Thank you for that. You’ve also showed me that people break promises, that people don’t always hold true to their word. You’ve taught me that you can love someone more than anything in the world, yet hate them just as much. That just because someone says something, that doesn’t mean it’s true. You’ve showed me how bad it hurts to have the guy you love and thought loved you push you away and treat you as if you are worthless. You’ve showed me wonderful things just as well as horrible things. I do thank you for both. You’ve now prepared me for the harsh world I am entering of two-faced people. People who say they care, but don’t always. Thank you for teaching me early.
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 He made her life miserable.

The girl who used to laugh a million times back then, turned out to be the girl who’ll never even wear a smile on her face. She’d rather have those gloomy looks rather than fake a smile. The girl who used to look forward each day turned out to be the girl who never even want to see another morning shine. She’d rather lay in the bed, cry hysterically until she fall asleep. The girl who used to make some noise turned out to be the girl who never want to utter a single word. She’d rather stay in the corner, put her headphones on and tuned the speaker up rather than to talk with the other girls out there. The girl who used to live life optimistically turned out to be a total pessimist. She’d rather hide with her own shadows rather than to express what she really feels. She’s a total stranger now. She lives life in vain as if she never even seen the vast of light. She lives in a total void of darkness. She doesn’t know herself anymore. It was all because of that single guy. That guy who doesn’t know how to respect and to treat girls right. He made her life miserable.
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it’s killing me. sometimes i miss you so much that the sadness consumes me. it hits me in waves, some small, some overpowering. so overpowering that they threaten to pull me under. some days i’m strong enough to fight it. but there are days when i’m not. and i’m there, drowning in this sea of my own sadness, my own hurt, my own pain.
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 don't worry about me.

you absolutely destroyed me, did you know that? you broke my already-broken heart and you made me feel like nobody cares when the truth is so many people do. but you know what i just want to say thank you. i don’t regret meeting you, but i don’t wish you would magically come back into my life again. because i believe god gives us someone like this for a reason. someone who will hurt you a million times, someone who will leave you and not look back. but this person.. they will make you a better person in the end. you will come out stronger than ever before, and you will be happier without him than you were with him.

so here’s what i’m going to do. i’m going to stop dwelling. i’m going to stop watching the phone. i’m going to stop looking for you. i’m going to move on. i’m going to meet people. i’m going to live. i’m going to forget all the nights i spent wishing you were here. i’m going to forget the times that it was just us. i’m going to forget the things that shouldn’t have happened. i’m going to forget all the times i opened myself up to let you in, to only get hurt in return. i’m going to forget how i felt about you. instead, i’m going to subconsciously wait. if you really want me, if you miss me, if you can’t breathe without me, you’ll know. you’ll ring. you’ll text. you’ll visit. and if you drift, if you don’t call, if there’s no texts, if there’s no visits. i’ll know. i’ll know it was never meant to be. and i will continue moving on. and i’m going to walk tall. but in between everything i will forget, i won’t forget the lesson i’ve learned. i won’t forget the feeling of loving someone. i won’t forget the feeling of thinking i’m loved. and i will certainly not forget the hell i was put through to learn all this, to become a better person.
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Guys, don’t talk about other girls to your girlfriend because in her eyes, every girl out there is her enemy. Not everyone can control jealousy, most times jealousy takes over everyone, even you. Talking about another girl to your girlfriend makes her feel like you’ll leave her when a prettier girl comes into your life. Don’t try to get your girlfriend jealous just because its cute. What your doing is making her feel insecure. You need to make her feel that you won’t leave her for any girl that comes your way . Your girl wants to feel secure, like she’s the one and only one that matters in your life . It’s one way she’s able to trust you . Same goes for girls, Guys don’t like it when another guy is involved in the conversation , it pisses them off and you don’t want to over due their anger. Trust me, they will get super pissed.
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 Respect a Lady.

Treat her like you would want a man to treat your sister, In other words, treat her as a person, not an object. Really treat her like a princess and always try and give her comments that make her feel good rather than put her down

Listen to her opinions or ideas. Appreciate her as she is and never underestimate her intelligence. Treat her as an equal. Call her in advance to make plans to go out and never assume that she doesn’t have anything better already scheduled..

Listen to her and respond in a non-condescending manner. Be there for her if she’s crying or upset by holding her. Compliment her… if you think she is beautiful say it! “beautiful” is so much more respectful than “hot”. Love and learn to appreciate her for who she is, as well as her body type. Don’t try and change her physically, just love her natural beauty.

Hold hands with her on the street…don’t be ashamed to be romantic and when you meet up with your friends, introduce her. Don’t ever cheat on her…talk things through.

Be a gentleman! Look out for her feelings, accept her values/morals, be interested in her life, ask her what’s going on, be helpful, never put her down, if she’s wrong don’t go out of your way to prove her. Be nice and treat her like she is special.

Don’t push her to do things she is not ready for. Treat her with respect and pay attention to the small things.Don’t put her down, or make her feel uncomfortable when you are hanging out together with your friends or your parents, Stand up for her, if one of your friends puts her down, confront them and tell them that it is not okay.

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