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Guys, some girls no matter what you say, just naturally have a low self-esteem. They don’t like to think of themselves as great or pretty or perfect, even though in their boyfriend’s eyes, they are. To help get your girlfriend’s self esteem up, there’s really one thing you can do, keep loving her the way you do. The more you say she’s beautiful, the more she’s destined to believe it. Give her compliments. Tell her how beautiful she is, how much she lights up your world. Compliment her on her specific features. If she thinks she’s ugly, it’s your job as the boyfriend to tell her she’s the most beautiful thing in the world. If she thinks she’s fat, it’s your job to tell her otherwise. Girls don’t get tired of hearing compliments from their boyfriend, even if they say they do, they appreciate it.

Not a single day should go by when you don’t tell your girlfriend that she’s beautiful. The more you tell her, the more she’ll believe you. All girls who have boyfriends want to hear those words from them, it makes them feel important. Never be afraid to say “I love you.” Stare into her eyes, brush her hair, and kiss her passionately. Tell her how much better she makes your life, how much you enjoy spending time with her, how you’ll never leave her side. Girls love this feeling of security. Create a future with her you know? Most importantly, mean everything you say. Support her whenever she needs you. Allow her to build confidence in you. Spend time with her, and be there for her as a shoulder to lean on.

Appreciate her as your girlfriend, your best friend, your partner, and your lover. If you give your girlfriend that one reason to keep smiling then her self-esteem can only go up. Make her feel pretty, make her feel loved, and make her feel needed, if you can do these three things, then not only will she be more crazy in love with you, but she’ll see past her insecurities and realize that she really is the girl you see her as. After all, you didn’t choose her for nothing right? Show her why you love her, why she’s special to you, why she’s the highlight of your life, and her self-esteem will rise in no time.


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